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Brussels – Flower Carpet

Fell with our nose in the butter on our tour from Paris to Amsterdam, and saw the first night of the Flower Carpet in Brussels! This is a 3 day festival, held only once every two years, the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, complete with beautiful fireworks, which we also saw, quite by chance! What a privilege to have been able to witness this, really a once in a lifetime event!

Flower Carpet

Flower Carpet

Lage Vuursche

Today we enjoyed lunch at Lage Vuursche Pancake House with group of doctors from Manila. This is where Queen Beatrix grew up, and she has now again retired to.

It is understandable why: it is a beautiful woodsy environment, and the pancake house street looks just like the gingerbread houses of “Hansl and Gretl”!

Contact Marion to also plan an excision here!

Lage Vuursche 1 Lage Vuursche 2