Tours can be done in English (native US), Dutch, French (near native) Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

Special Tour – Limited Time Only

Come and join our Christmas walking tour, which includes 2 hours of seeing all the highlights of Amsterdam, followed by delicious warm pea soup (or Gluhwein!) at a local pub, guaranteed to warm you up!

Special price is EUR 20. Departure is at 2.00 pm on December 26th, December 27th, December 28th, and December 29th.

Reservations are required. Please contact Marion for arrangements.

Haarlem Tour

“Jopenkerk”, a former church, located right in the old city center of Haarlem, capital of the province of North Holland, which has been transformed into a cafe-restaurant and modern beer brewery, with it’s own beer, “Jopen”.

Jopen - HaarlemJopen - Haarlem

Come join Marion’s walking tour of Haarlem and top off the afternoon with a beer and “bitterballen” here, normally sold per portion, but here sold apiece; a unique and special experience! Contact Marion for more information about this tour!


Below you can see a shot from the traditional Sinterklaas Celebration in Amstelveen Shopping Centre. Sinterklaas is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on 5 December, the night before Saint Nicholas Day, in the Northern Netherlands and on the morning of 6 December, Saint Nicholas Day itself, in the southern provinces, Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France.

For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, Sinterklaas or Sint-Nicolaas is a mythical figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins based on Saint Nicholas. Accompanied by his band of cheerful helpers, the Zwarte Pieten, he rewards good kids with chocolate letters and marzipan, while he punishes naughty children by bringing them coal instead of presents.

Sinterklaas is considered the primary source of the popular Christmas icon of Santa Claus.