Tours can be done in English (native US), Dutch, French (near native) Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

About Us

We offer sightseeing tours/excursions in Netherlands (especially Amsterdam) and Belgium. In addition we set up itineraries and accompany groups to New York City and Eastern Seaboard of US. We also provide translations from Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish into English, and act as escort/interpreter. Most services are offered by Marion Baumgarten who has lived on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore can offer to customers a unique insiders perspective of the differences in lifestyle and outlook between these two very different worlds.

About Marion

Most tours are guided by Marion Baumgarten, who offers you the unique perspective of having lived on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and, therefore, is intimately familiar with the  difference in lifestyles between Amsterdam and New Amsterdam!

She was born in New York City, and grew up there, in the Netherlands, and in other parts of the world, studying French Language & Literature at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and Library Science in Geneva, followed by Business and Tourism in New York City. After her studies she lived in New York City for many years; first working at UN Headquarters, followed by a career in the travel industry – initially in tour operations supervising flight check-ins at airports and planning tour departures – later in group sales, and eventually starting her own company accompanying groups through and from New York City (where she is a licensed guide) to other areas of the United States and Canada, especially the East Coast.

In 2009 she decided to return to the country of her youth, and make her home in Amsterdam, where she is again doing what she likes best, enthusiastically sharing her love of the city where she now lives!

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Lage Vuursche
Excursion to Lage Vuursche