Tours can be done in English (native US), Dutch, French (near native) Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

Moments from the latest tour

With teachers and tour leaders of wonderful student group from Istanbul, in a freezing Amsterdam, and together visiting Westerbork, my first time and quite an experience…

Tour momentTour moment

Here you see the Jewish star representing those who were transported from there.. Only about 5000 Jews and 500 gypsies survived…, but we learned that the camp was originally built for German Jewish refugees fleeing the nazi occupation, and only later became a nazi workkamp.. Life here was not that bad, there was a school, hospital, cafeteria, and even a theatre, but then people were sent on to concentration camps like Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz, etc… Anne Frank and her family were on the last transport in September…

Don’t let the cold scare you off – join our tour!

It’s getting quite cold here in the Netherlands, however, if you have the courage, come and join our walking tour: 2 hours of all the highlights of Amsterdam, followed by a delicious pea soup (or gluh wein) at a local pub! Join us, it is lots of fun!

We will also soon be announcing a very special tour, which will be combined with a Dutch winter dish at my house, guaranteed to warm you up even more!

Watch for updates on this right on this page! See you soon!

Special Walking Tour Extension

Happy New Year to all! As promised, we will be continuing our Special Walking Tour through March 1st. This includes as before a 2 hour walking tour with the most popular highlights of Amsterdam, followed by a delicious warm cup of pea soup (or gluhwein), the Dutch remedy against the cold!

Tours will take place on Sundays and Wednesdays; For details and reservations please contact Marion via our contact form.