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Lunchtime in the Netherlands


The Dutch eat a fairly small (by American standards) sandwich for lunch. Therefore, a lot of restaurants remain closed until evening dinner. Yet, in many of the restaurants and cafes which do serve this limited lunch menu, it is surprisingly customary to put a blackboard outside at lunchtime listing the daily dinner specials! Dinner is not mentioned, it just says “Specials”. Apparently, the typical Dutch logic follows that the Dutch all subliminally understand these can’t be obtained at lunch time, but what is a poor unsuspecting tourist supposed to do for a warm lunch?

If you absolutely must have a hot meal at lunchtime, not to worry! Luckily there are some exceptions, namely Italian restaurants and pizzerias (how reassuring for Italians to know they can still get their favorite foods here; not even the Dutch with their ‘broodjes culture’ can do without ‘mama’s’ pizza and pasta!) and Argentinian steakhouses, which are literally everywhere and serve delicious steaks, even with a baked potato to remind one of home!