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Boxing Day Dinner at Cafe Frankendael

This was also lovely. so one holiday is down, one more to go!

Boxing Day 2018Boxing Day 2018Boxing Day 2018

But New Years’ Eve is celebrated in a strange way in the Netherlands: People celebrate in their homes with delicious fried pastries called “oliebollen” and “applebeignets”, while outside bars and restaurants are shottered, public transportation ends at 8 pm, and it is the custom for many to set off fireworks, some so violent, that they resemble grenades!
Every year innocent bystanders get hurt and end up in hospital, Voices clamoring to stop this horrible tradition have been going up for years, among whom many emergency room doctors, but so far it has not worked..and many people have no choice but to barricade themselves inside their home That means if you live alone, you have to celebrate alone, crazy!
I only lived through this once before, and promised myself never again, (just a few hours away is peaceful Begium where the bars & restaurants are open, and there are a Christmas Market and beautiful official fireworks) but this year I am working so here we go again…. How the Dutch can put up with this beats me, but such is life here…?

Moments from the latest tour

With teachers and tour leaders of wonderful student group from Istanbul, in a freezing Amsterdam, and together visiting Westerbork, my first time and quite an experience…

Tour momentTour moment

Here you see the Jewish star representing those who were transported from there.. Only about 5000 Jews and 500 gypsies survived…, but we learned that the camp was originally built for German Jewish refugees fleeing the nazi occupation, and only later became a nazi workkamp.. Life here was not that bad, there was a school, hospital, cafeteria, and even a theatre, but then people were sent on to concentration camps like Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz, etc… Anne Frank and her family were on the last transport in September…